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This post is part of a 14-step series on creating a website for your band using WordPress. 45/month, you can even get yourself a free domain name to make your site look more professional, and if you run into any problems then their dedicated customer service staff will be more than happy to help. People LOVE curated playlists, and they’re especially useful during these months when more gatherings take place than ever. Ampslam doesn’t take any ownership rights or cuts into band’s profits and offers a monthly contest where winners are featured on the homepage. HostGator offers 99. Admittedly the choice of templates and editing options aren't very strong, but the designs you can play around with are decent enough, and certainly won't put anyone off your music.

Want to build a website for your band?

This is one of the largest online marketplaces where you can choose from literally hundreds of premium WordPress themes. Instead, everything from SEO to domain registration is baked into your plan so you don’t have to waste valuable time getting your site up and running or making sure fans can actually find your site on search engines. As you can see, they recommend, BlueHost, SiteGround & DreamHost. You can share your music with the world without any slow loading speeds. Fastest web hosting: top 10 fast shared website hosts in 2020. Wix – Best all-around website builder. Shared hosting plans and WordPress cloud hosting plans are available for you to choose one to get started with your WordPress music site. It’s a product that is kind of sitting there dormant and I’m assuming they still keep it around because they have customers using it - as is.

Each plan is purposefully created for different skill levels and hosting needs. A wonderful advantage of BlueHost is that they give a lot of flexibility in improving your hosting program ought to your throwing needs modify. How much does it cost to host a website on microsoft azure? Their 24/7 assistance resources are going to be there to assist your site expand. When it comes to web hosting for musicians, Bandzoogle shares HostBaby’s values and commitment to customer service every step of the way. In order to find out all the features, you will have 30 days to understand how close and convenient this service is for your use.

Best cPanel Hosting

The previous ones are the most popular site pages among musicians and bands. The best se server host?, some users have complained that InMotion is not as competitively priced as other hosting providers. And one day, she asked me if I’d help her to build her website. Let’s get started with the best one: Some parts of this may become even a source for Wikipedia in the future (if you’re lucky enough). On some hosting services you’ll need to do a manual instillation of WordPress.

Squarespace offers a free trial so you can dip your toes in the water, after which you’ll need to spend $15 per month to take advantage of the full eCommerce setup. For starters, there’s an integrated music player, so fans can instantly get a flavour of your sound and style. Weebly has pre-built page designs which are nice for non-designers and just want to leave it to the experts. All plans come with unlimited bandwidth and storage, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your music files.

Whatever your skill level with easy to follow steps and 24/7 support you can create a secure site with BlueHost. If you’re on a budget and trying to find a best affordable host for your music website then you know, the right host is just before you. You could, for example, let your visitors listen to your last album by embedding Spotify’s player. Additionally, a lot of the templates don’t look modern.

It’s also bound to be one of the first places new visitors check out when they visit you on the web, possibly looking for your newest song, show dates, or what’s coming up next for you and your music.

Best Web Hosting for Musicians in 2020

HostGator also offers one-click installation tool that makes it quick and easy for users to setup their WordPress music site. The 8 best vps hosting providers in 2020: which host has the most? Paid plans start at around $8 per month. SiteGround has great support and there are one click installations and very easy to use web builder tools. Shopify is the most powerful ecommerce platform around, so is ideal if you plan to sell a lot of merch. Bandzoogle makes it convenient for both musicians and bands to easily and seamlessly host music online, making it easy for their fans to find them in a snap. Besides being a streaming server, use AmpJuke to fetch album covers and lyrics. While eCommerce isn’t BandVista’s strongest suit, it’s easy to create a basic online store to sell merchandise and music. If you are reading this guide, you probably already have a couple of reasons to launch your own website.

All of which add to why I do not recommend it. If you dislike some of the platform’s features and want to remove them or would like to add some new, you are not able to do it. Along with the unintentional side effect of immediately making this video (which was actually a really cool, DIY effort, especially for the time) seem painfully dated, it also shined a huge spotlight on the problems that come with putting all your eggs in a basket you’re not allowed to hold, let alone keep. Choosing from hundreds of website builders can get confusing, so we tested the best website builders out there and found the best website builders for musicians.

This is especially so true when it comes to specific, niche-targeted website builders.

First, Decide What You Like

They have both a theme and a page builder which you can install as a plugin on WordPress. Some site builders, such as Squarespace, Strikingly, Virb, and uKit, restrict you to placing page objects in spots that won't make your site look garish, which can be an advantage if design isn't your forte. Here is a list of the most popular: The concept is easy, find someone with a big following in your music-niche (e. )

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I am NOT one of these people (sadly). I really dig the culture of CD Baby. Also, choosing this tariff, users will be able to organize the sale of their own merchandise, which fans love so much. Which is best hosting for wordpress ? And the best, forums are cheap! First, Dave is using the word “purchase,” not “stream” or “listen to.

Music producer website is often overlooked. Top 20 dayz server hosting providers, nothing bad to say about everyone's customer service but the offering was bland. Most websites these days aren’t as ‘living’ as they once were. A website that is used by most of the musicians or music band helps them to promote tours and get a call for concerts. This company has lots of plans too: Once you have chosen a hosting plan, you can install WordPress. A big challenge for any local musician is staying in touch with the online community. However, thousands of user reviews tell us that this is the service with which you will create your best site. Holiday-ify your site – switching up colors on your HostBaby site is easy, so you can get in there and add some red and green touches, or whatever gets you in the mood.

Wrapping Up

Exclusive for all the WordPress users, iPage web hosting also comes with a unique plan that gets you set up within minutes. Some have built-in analytics which are super convenient, but Google Analytics goes extremely deep with the data and usage (how much time users spent on which page). When you select a plugin, always check the ratings and the last update of the plugin. With the hosts listed below, you can get a modern, funky website in less time than it takes to write a song. One more great example of a recording studio/singer website template that’s a pleasure to create a music website with.

CD Baby is thriving, as are many of the artists we work with. So, Who Tops The Best Website Builder For Musicians Charts? However, these issues may not be huge deals to you. Each of Weebly’s stylish themes is ready to launch straight away and can be customised to suit your needs, including video backgrounds, animated effects, plus music and video hosting. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. I hope this was useful!

For example, Weebly can not only show you page views and unique visitors for each day of the month, but also search terms used to get to the site, referring sites, and top-visited pages. 95 Reliability 9. There are so many ways both musicians and bands can host their music online, and some of the websites mentioned above could be a great place to start. However, they do have somewhat different pricing and options, so I’ll touch on both briefly.

It’s also easy to drive authentic traffic, build trust with potential clients, and grow a massive fanbase online.
Not only do they all look great, but they also adapt perfectly to mobile devices.


Well, I’m glad to say that this isn’t the case. Either way, he’s not saying he looked for a Spotify link and didn’t see it. We recommend the Business plan, since it’s the cheapest option that allows you to sell merchandise in an online store. To help you in making your decision, here are my top three recommendations for hosting (the first being the hosting company I am currently using for all of my websites): Downtime is non-existent.

It has a built-in events calendar to promote events and tour dates. If that’s not really your cup of tea, however, and you would rather go with a better-known, more established website maker, you can always check out our list of the best website builders on the current market. You have full control over it, and anyone seeking out your music online will expect to find it in one click when they land on your homepage.

The service also has a fairly convenient system for SEO.

And the website builder also includes all the essentials - domain name, its privacy, SSL certificate, and more. Should you be expected to have earth-shattering developments in your music career every week or month? AmpJuke Use AmpJuke to stream all of your favorite music. Plenty of time and effort was invested into bringing you insane speeds and safe settings for almost any content management system. If you just desire a basic site for your fans to find you, attempt InterServer. All of which are easy to use and super friendly to beginners. Include the free of cost Wix Music app, withtools for advertising, circulating, and also marketing your music, and also you’ re prepared to go on excursion and also begin associating withsupporters. This is a great feature if you want to start your music site fast.

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Today it is the most popular way that brings people together and gives them what they want. It also has multiple page templates, custom widgets, beautiful slider, featured content, and live customizer. These have millions of users, so you could potentially reach a broader audience soon. The great thing about using WordPress or a site building software for your site is that you don’t need to know any coding. That’s why the professionals have left the building. Make changes to the color scheme of your website (if needed). The best vps hosting: who's the best for your site? New domains on the same interface and port, but requiring separate configurations, can then be added as subsequent (non-default) virtual hosts. They ALL "needed" GREAT website hosting! It’s also worth noting that you can create a free website on Wix, but the domain will have Wix in it.

Bluehost is the best hosting platform if you’re just getting started with your first website. Primarily, a way of uploading and sharing your tunes in a simple and secure way, even if it's just snippets of songs rather than whole tracks or indeed albums. BlueHost is one of the best WordPress hosting companies, and they have multiple hosting plans to choose from. Here is a closer look at that plan: With the availability of your website, however, you will be able to: Are you using Moving Pictures and not taking advantage of this cool feature?

I would lose WAAAAAY too much money when my site goes down every other month. Simply create an events page and use calendar blocks on your homepage to highlight upcoming events. As well as offering Shared hosting they also have other options like VPS, WordPress, Reseller and Dedicated. For DJs who want to create a personal website, there is an impressive Music Ally website template. They have been around for a while and offer hosting on both Windows and the more popular Linux servers. The best web hosting providers for 2020, as you can see our test site loaded in just under a second for a server in New York City. You are interested to bring traffic to your website – to make sales and create awareness about your music brand.

11 Best Wix Templates for Musicians and Bands Websites

As you might expect, the same transferability holds for WordPress. Most of the products here can tell you about your site traffic, though the amount of detail varies greatly among them, and it's often tied to premium account levels. This takes a little bit more time to set up (although it’s not much more difficult) and costs slightly more than the average premium theme, but it’s fully customizable to make the exact website you want.

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Squarespace is known for offering beautiful, mobile-responsive templates that make your website stand out. You’ ll obtain plenty of space to inform your story, allotment your music, ensure performances, and also offer swag. A lot of artists strapped for cash and time will appreciate Obior. Migrating to the platform is free and takes you only a few minutes and clicks. For the extra few , I personally think it's worth it - if you want to sell online. Take advantage of the 30 day or 45 day or 90 day money back offers so you can try a site out and see if it suits you.

Be a professional! Bandwidth and disk space are also unlimited. It’s surprising to me that ReverbNation is still around. For an example, just look at the screenshot above. It also has artist pages, carousel, albums, multiple color schemes and layouts. It always has you prepared for whatever situation you might face with. Free forum hosting, 10 | FTP accounts:. It includes 3GB storage, 2GB bandwidth, a free domain for 1 year, and an ad-free website.