What's The Best Free Guild Hosting Service?

PHP WoW Battle. LookingForGuild. Allows clients to become web hosts themselves. People choose this hosting because it serves their specific needs.

Theres video documentation for pretty much everything, that’s unique for a free WordPress theme. Can be used as signature or on your guilds website. Various indispensable clan website features can be integrated thanks to our suite of web apps and plug-ins, including news, calendars, FAQs, achievements, galleries, and much more.

Even though, the plan has an ad board displayed on a ready made website, it won’t be a hindrance to gaming fans and, thus, it will work great for the development of these websites.

Enjin claims that it’s committed to no-hassle pricing structures. First created in 2020 in Singapore, Enjin clients enjoy over 60 million monthly views across the globe and millions of dollars (in U. )This also includes cache control, so you can keep below the daily request limit. Enjin offers several task-based video tutorials. Access to join thousands of other gaming communities. Some of them include Users, Page Editor, Website News, Forum, Blog, Site Catalogue, Ad Board, File Catalog, Photo Albums, Guest Book, Online Games, FAQ, Website Search, Tests, Mini Chat, Website Statistics, Online Store, Video, SEO module and more. Assign and manage all characters in multiple games or servers. Starting with just a single DKP-system up to a complete websolution with Teamspeak server.

Each usertag can be shown as an image or icon to display ribbons, metals, and achievements per user. We're here to announce some big changes coming to WowStead in the near future. It’s a perfect gaming website since it lets you create the layout easily. Which of these systems are the most trustworthy, affordable and feature laden? Customize and fully skin the forums with the Theme Editor.

It’s a perfect pick if you want to display lots of gaming information through a blog where you post about tournaments and much more.

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EQDKP or WebDKP the choice is yours. Off-Topic For all your non-Blizzard game discussions. Has a proprietary DKP application which support Standard DKP, Zero Sum DKP and EPGP. When it comes to the creation of gaming websites, it makes sense to pick and use the following extensions and plugins: After searching through many sites to make a guild page on, this was the one! One type of dedicated hosting is self-managed or unmanaged.

The features available with this type of service can be quite basic and not flexible in terms of software and updates. Therefore we recommend that you take a look at some of the free themes, before you purchase a premium one. There are two example Javascript Widgets available one for the Armory and one for Wow Heroes which both show a guild roster listing. NET AJAX (formerly known as 'Atlas') to allow for more interactive experiences for page browsers, and the ability to do partial rendering, which allows for one module to perform an AJAX refresh without having all modules on a page refresh. If you decide at any point during that time period that Enjin isn’t the right fit for your project, you can cancel without any further obligation.

Just browse the selection and pick the theme, which comes up to the clan/guild website you are working on. WordPress Features: In closing, thank you all for the amazing support you have given Tamriel Foundry this past year and a half, and I gladly raise my tankard in toast to every member of this awesome community. For all those uCoz users, who plan to launch clan or guild websites for non-commercial use, the website builder offers a free never-expiring plan.

Raid management and DKP Edit

Enjin is probably best known for sites and blogs affiliated with Minecraft. A Massive Gaming Community More than 4. These facilities allow customers to write or install scripts for applications like forums and content management. It makes and breaks guilds on a daily basis and is a time drain for both guilds seeking new players and players seeking new guilds. A standard feature among both serious and casual gamers of all genres, Guild Launch offers voice chat servers from all the most popular providers, including Ventrilo, Mumble and Teamspeak. 1 changed many things about how wordpress works we have decided to embrace the future and release our all new Plus! – You can set up Mumble or TeamSpeak 3 communication yourself. You can choose a second-tier domain name (i. )

Though I have paid for their premium packages in the past, the site I run now is currently hosted for free.

Guild Wars 2

Lighting fast loading and browsing speed. They have a very active group of developers building both the basic system as well as many Mods and AddOns. The sense of community in gaming is pretty strong, which you can use as an advantage in your website. The PB-Roster have its own front-end admin interface which provide standard admin tasks and settings. The web hosting client may want to have other services, such as email for their business domain, databases or multimedia services. Is there any way (even if it’s tedious) to just directly register and pay for a domain name without using some company?

Until 1991, the Internet was restricted to use only ". "The project consists of multiple assemblies (DLLs) that allow it to be repurposed and extended to run on any. You will look hard to find a cheaper host. Our tools allow for both guilds and players to manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish on the site, while automating as much of the process as possible.

I would totally pay for "cosmetics" and stuff as well as long as the core platform is ad free and as is. Some services offer game specific features and DKP. DKP (Dragon Kill Points) is a way of fairly sharing loot based on effort/commitment. Sorry, advertisers won't allow that. Our multi-gaming feature allows you to enable up to six games in a single site, each with their own theme. The fundamental purpose of this type of hosting service is to allow guild members to be able to easily communicate with each other outside of the game itself.

  • If you have any questions regarding our setup, don’t hesitate to ask via our ticket system!
  • Or do you want to advertise yours?
  • The forum might also show a player’s character in a profile or the number of kills they’ve made.
  • My name is ThomasGL and I am the Community Outreach Coordinator at Guild Launch.
  • It’s your first impression on future members, and hence a critical recruitment tool.

GuildWars2 Clan Hosting

The recruitment process in World of Warcraft can at times be one of the most testing aspects of the game. Thank you and the site is unbelievable you guys done great for a host ill make sure to support you guys! The use of different DKP lists for multiple instances or raidgroups is with the use of our system really easy, as the managing of members is reduced to just a single database. Our websites are used by thousands of gamers.

Join the Tamriel Foundry public guild! I want to address this point first and I want to be open and honest with the Tamriel Foundry community. Each of them can be customized with regard to your needs and preferences. Mind, however, that, if you have never worked with WordPress before, it may take some time to get used to the system and master its features as well as general web design approach. Provides permission tools that allow the site admin to delegate nearly all administration tasks and to define specific areas to be delegated.

Widget functionality includes web-based DKP, tradeskill/crafting/profession search, raid/event planning, and messaging (email and text messaging). VPS Hosting VPS hosting provides a slice of a dedicated server or cloud solution. If you have problems with your clan website, or need assistance with the creation or administration, our support is available online and over the phone around the clock.


Clans and guilds have high standards for the look and functionality of their website, and many choose Enjin for their flexible theme editor and professional selection of gaming templates for World of Warcraft (WoW), Aion, Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare 2, Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings and a vast list of supported games. At the start of next month you'll see me as a gold patron. The reason why is most likely that Astra is compatible with almost every popular plugin available, including all forum & calendar plugins etc. Why would gaming guild, clans, and factions want a website?

World of Warcraft, The Lord of the Rings Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Vanguard - Saga of Heroes, EverQuest I/II, Warhammer Online, Final Fantasy XI, AION.

Guild Hosting Services

I like Enjin because of its variety of modules and feature rich guild website builder. Guild hosting companies also have a unique understanding of what their clients need. Registration at Web Hosting Talk is completely free and takes only a few seconds. – Apart from multiple website templates belonging to different categories, uCoz also offers a pretty rich assortment of premium themes available in the official uTemplate brand store. The company has published and regularly updates a whitepaper with information on its cryptocurrency products and services, which you can read for the most current details on Enjin Coin. We appreciate the hard work you've put into the service. Iloilo and the hosting indiana site web used with maximum hiligaynon users.

I’ve reviewed numerous guild hosting solutions and I hope you find my research helpful in some way.

Among his others was that provider of the pilgrims made, halted, or experienced also. Here are some other people that think we're pretty great too! Enjin [4] Free-$8. These include profiles, blogging, and friending networks. Is the plan to charge later? May they serve their guilds and their fancy new websites well. Hosting companies that specialize in gaming will have a ready-made audience that likes to spend money.

Though if you know how to make a cool website, it's not that hard to tweak the design and make your website look cool. We'll also give five hundred top-secret, completely inconsequential bonus points to anyone that has an awesome idea for a guild name in the comments! Free friendly and fast support. Get your feet wet with a free basic plan or a free trial. Customers are sometimes responsible for patching and maintaining the server (unmanaged server) or the VPS provider may provide server admin tasks for the customer (managed server). Assign multi-level access via user tags for forums, posting and thread starting rights.

  • And we're going to help 10 of you get started by giving you a free one-year subscription to Enjin.
  • Whether your gaming community plays MMORPGs, FPS, RTS, MOBAs or anything inbetween, Shivtr has you covered.
  • Just like you guys, I am also a gamer and I love interacting with the community.

Host Management

Resellers often sell shared web hosting and web companies often have reseller accounts to provide hosting for clients. Event sign-ups allows the leader to know how many people will be attending the raid, but also gives them a chance to strategize how to best use their resources before the raid begins. If you are a paying member of WowStead, Guild Launch will be honoring your credits on WowStead with the appropriate premium service levels in their system. Completely customizable and stable, it's only shortcoming is the limited support from the developers and a slight learning curve.

Signed up for Patreon, thanks for keeping this free.

Currently unavailable. We have chosen to recommend it anyway since forum, calendar and other important plugins are integrated into the theme. These advertisements will be hand chosen to be tasteful and appropriate for the TF audience. There are many WoW related modules for the Nuke systems. Sharepoint custom cloud hosting, how does SharePoint integrate with Microsoft Office? A guild hosting site built by WoW players for WoW players.

Do I need prior knowledge to create a clan website?

Our goal is to do anything we can to ensure users have the best experience possible and we’re committed to answering all questions as quickly as possible. Over the next couple weeks we encourage you to begin making the transition to Guild Launch and setting up your sites. After seeing the announcement myself, I created a site to make use of their free premium services for my new guild. There are gaming website builders that specialize in clans and guilds. The more professional groups compete in tournaments for money and prizes.